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Top Strategies When It Comes to Bluffing

Bluffing—play it right, and you could win the game. Play it wrong, and you'll lose everything. See the difference? If you're going to do the latter, you will practically, automatically, lose majority of what you have. Worse, you can sometimes be stripped off your dignity, knowing that someone was able to counter your bluffs big time.

Novice players are usually guilty of this. Usually, they know what bluffing is about, but they really don't have any idea how to do it exquisitely that even the more advanced players would not be feeling or smelling it under their noses. So what are the best strategies when it comes to bluffing? Read on:

1. Know that there can be a lot of kinds of bluffs. You know what they say: for you to beat the enemy, you have to know who they are. You should be able to know their usual defenses, and there could be quite of them. One of the common types of bluff is what we call the semi-bluff. This usually happens when a player is already... Read More »