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Online Poker: Is This Allowed?

Think of online poker, and you can always relate it to online gambling, which you know has been the subject of so many controversies for the past years. There have been plenty of countries that disapproved of it, and there are many that have welcomed it. So the question of whether online poker is allowed or not will be dependent on the country that you're talking about.

In the United States

Online gambling, in general, is not allowed in the United States for a number of reasons. For one, it will be difficult for them to control the money that is going in and out of the country, since most of the transactions are done electronically. There's also the moral issue, where most of the teens are now getting hooked with online gambling, such as poker. Today, international gambling corporations are not allowed to operate their businesses in the country.

However, there is what we call as state and federal laws. In the former, states can come up with their own respective bills about a... Read More »