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Playing the Texas Holdem Poker Bonus Game

This is a game that appeared in the casinos only recently. In this game each of the players are pitted against the dealer with face up cards of the Texas Hold’em poker game. The player who holds the best five cards hand at the end wins. What you need is to have hands that could beat the dealer. The following is a list or rules of this game.
Each of the players of this game could place ante bets. Bonus jackpot wager also could be placed b them.

Two face-down cards are dealt to each of the players. These are called hole cards.

In case the player wants to play, he has to place a bet that has double the value of ante bet. This means that if the ante bet is $2 the player has to place $4 as the bet. If the player thinks that his hand is not strong enough then he could fold his card.

Then three face-up cards are dealt to the center of the table. They are called flop. Other players also could use these cards to make their hands that have five... Read More »