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Citing the Differences between Land-based and Online Poker Games

Ever since the inception of online poker, there are already a lot of people—enthusiasts and plain observers—who would compare it to land-based pokers. Which one of them is better than the other? The answer is actually subjective, as there are those who prefer land-based over Internet gaming and vice versa. But just to give you an idea, here are the common differences between the two:

1. Technology Used. It's obvious that online poker uses more state-of-the-art technology than land-based ones. With the former, you have Flash- and software-based poker versions. There are also various modes of communication among players and the customer care staff. Internet poker would include multiplayer features and chat options, so you can communicate with one another. To contact the customer care staff, you have to make use of the telephone, e-mail, or live chat.

Land-based poker games are definitely more direct. If interaction is definitely what you're looking for, this one has more advantage than online poker. If you have issues or questions, you can instantly raise them to the... Read More »