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Betting Strategies in Texas Holdem

Betting is an integral part of online poker. Through betting you are increasing the size of the pot that you and the other players have the chance of winning. In some ways, betting is also a psychological strategy. Each time you make a bet instead of folding, you are showing your fellow players that you are confident in your hand thus making them decide their own paths and tactics in playing.

There are many ways that you can take advantage of the betting in order to gain more money, or to at least increase your chances of winning in the game. Don't bet indiscriminately because you may end getting bankrupt because of that. Here are some successful betting tips that you can use when playing the Texas Hold'em variant of online poker.

This kind of betting is applicable only when you are the one dealing the game. It's called "blind-stealing" because you can only invoke it when only you and those that have made blind bets--betting without checking their cards--are the ones that remain in the online poker game. This is simply used to prevent the blinds from folding their... Read More »