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Onlinepoker.uk.com takes your privacy very seriously. Methods of data collection are set out below, but all users are assured that any data collected is used purely for the maintenance and improvement of this site, and no data will be sold or reused for any purpose, unless otherwise noted. Any collected data is stored securely.

Cookies are used on Onlinepoker.uk.com to collect non-personally identifiable information, such as sources of entry and exit to and from our site. These cookies are automatically deleted after 30 days.

Traffic and Data Logs
Certain profile information is collected on all visitors. This information is not personally identifiable and aggregate data is used to refine the services offered on Onlinepoker.uk.net.

Several pages on Onlinepoker.uk.net serve advertisements from a third party. These advertisements adhere to this privacy policy in terms of data aggregation.

Latest Updates
The Onlinepoker.uk.net privacy policy is subject to change. Visitors are encouraged to check this page regularly for any modifications.