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Terms of Use

By accessing this site, users of Onlinepoker.uk.com agree to the following terms of use.


Onlinepoker.uk.com offers information and promotions on behalf of online poker rooms. It does not offer any gaming facilities or gambling opportunities. All financial promotions appear on the site for advertising purposes only.
Onlinepoker.uk.com makes no formal warranties as to:

a)    The accuracy or reliability of any content contained on this website
b)    The complete elimination of any viruses, bugs or defects contained within any software or online services provided by ourselves or our partners
c)    The accuracy and operability of any products or promotions offered by third parties and publicised herein

Poker, by its nature, is a game where for there to be winners, there must be losers. Any losses incurred are the sole responsibility of the player. Onlinepoker.uk.com takes no responsibility for such losses.

User Obligations
Information listed on this website may occasionally become out of date, including, but not limited to, promotions, bonus amounts and loyalty programs. Users of Onlinepoker.uk.com are advised to check the sites of relevant third parties for the most up-to-date information as changes are often made without prior notice.

The legality of online gambling varies between jurisdictions. It is the player’s responsibility to ensure that they meet all criteria for legal gambling, including age and location restrictions, prior to playing in any online poker room.

Users of the site agree not to provide any content that is illegal or may be considered obscene, to be decided strictly at the discretion of Onlinepoker.uk.com. Similarly, no users of the site will attempt to cause interruption or interference of service including, but not limited to, the attempted injection of viruses into the site code or use of software created with the specific intention of affecting the display of this site.

Users must also agree not to misrepresent their identity when communicating with Onlinepoker.uk.com in an official capacity, nor should they attempt to intercept or modify and data communicated with the site or other users. They should not attempt to make use of the site for the distribution or publication of any content not expressly authorised by Onlinepoker.uk.com. All users also agree to abide by all local, national and international laws when using the site, including copyright, patent and trademark laws.

Privacy Policy
Onlinepoker.uk.com’s privacy policy can be viewed at this link.

External Sites
Onlinepoker.uk.com takes no responsibility for the content of external sites to which it links. The site links to these third parties are provided for information purposes, and in no way should be construed as an endorsement of the site or its safety and quality. You agree to adhere to the rules of any external sites, and not hold Onlinepoker.uk.com responsible for any loss or damage caused by visiting external sites. You agree to indemnify Onlinepoker.uk.com against any loss or damage caused as a result of visiting our affiliates.

By using this site, you confirm your understanding that content is provided as is, and no warranties are made as to the accuracy of neither the content, nor the quality or suitability of any linked sites. Onlinepoker.uk.com cannot, and does not guarantee the suitability of any linked sites or uninterrupted service.

Reserved Rights
Onlinepoker.uk.com reserves its rights, including all copyright, trademark and patent rights related to the content of the site and any technologies used. In granting access to this site, Onlinepoker.uk.com is not offering any licences or rights to any of the content or technology contained herein.