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Managing your poker money

When playing poker or any kind of game in a casino, tracking your money is an important skill to learn. Poker requires you to be wise with your bankroll so that you can supply enough buy INS for your game. In a no limits game, it is possible that you will get around 20 buy INS. In more serious, bigger bets, you might need to invest around 300 times the initial amount that you have included. If you are a player who wants to win then you have to reduce the break down point.

In poker, you have to consider that there will always be risks and there are no safe strategies in managing the bank roll. Truth be told, some players end up not being able to play just because they have depleted their bankroll so they cannot meet the minimum value for buy INS. That does not mean you have to deposit money that you cannot back up in the future. It just means you have to understand when to handle your money, when to play and when not to take that risk. Poker is also a game of luck... Read More »