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Playing against bad players

There are good players and there are bad players in poker. If you chance a table with bad players, you can implement a number of strategies. A lot of players who play bad commit common mistakes and these are the things that you need to eventually learn how to take advantage of. A bad player will play no matter what the stakes are or what their chances are. They are actually giving you all the hints that you can take advantage of to make your game more pleasurable even if it is quite painful to see them play that badly and for big stakes.

A good player knows that poker relies on variance. Even if your suit is 10-5 against 2 Queens, that does not make you an automatic underdog. Strategy is necessary so that you can increase your chances of winning. One tip is to avoid short sessions. You can make a call so that the opponents can re-raise. That gives you higher chances of winning. It is your goal to beat the bad players and this is possible if you know the odds of the game. By understanding the odds,... Read More »