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Omaha Poker Tips, Rules and Strategy for playing the Game

The game of Omaha has similarities with Texas Hold’em. The players are being dealt with four of hole cards in this game. In order to form the best hand a player has to use two hole cards and another three cards.

The First round betting strategy of Omaha poker

You need the big blind and the small one that are being decided before the cards are dealt in order to play the game. These are called live bets. Once the first round of betting is placed each player is dealt with four cards face down. When all the players have either called for the last bet or folded the hands, the flop is dealt by the dealer. On the board three face-up cards are dealt. These cards that are called the community cards could be used by players to make up their best 5-hands.

The players place second and third bets. The pot has a limit in this game. But often players decide to play the no-limit pot value game.

Fifth card of Omaha Poker and Shutdown

Once the fifth card is dealt on the board... Read More »