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Pacific Poker Improves with their Poker Bonus

Compared to other online poker rooms, Pacific Poker seems to have a lot of room to improve. Nevertheless, with its upgrade, it would not be too long before it starts to give other poker websites a run for their money. For example, there are already a number of good poker bonuses that you can make use of.

For instance, it has one of the best initial deposit poker bonuses to date. Though other poker rooms may give you hundreds to thousands of extra dollars into your account, you may have to play several real money games before you can get your poker bonus. Moreover, the poker bonus will only be given to you in increments, according to your accumulated points. There's also a time limit. If you are not able to reach the sufficient number of points during the given time, you are no longer eligible to get the poker bonus.

With Pacific Poker, first-deposit players can immediately obtain their initial deposit bonus, which is 25 percent of your initial deposit. It could be small, but it's a lot better... Read More »