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How to Read Opponents and Gain an Advantage

For a lot of people, poker is a card game—and it's true. But if you really want to get serious with it, you have to approach it in another level. You have to think about it like a battle between you and your opponents. After all, they have the ultimate control of their luck and their techniques.

So besides learning about the various poker rules, you may also want to achieve finesse when it comes to reading the actions and reactions of your opponents while in the middle of the game, even when you're playing online poker.

The Challenge with Reading Opponents in Online Poker

Before we get into details, there's something you should know first. It's not going to be very easy ride for the simple reason that everyone sits behind his computer. Unlike in real poker games, where everybody is around a table, you cannot see the glum faces of those who are either losing or bluffing. You cannot see their immediate reactions to the raises and calls. In an online poker, one may ... Read More »