Winning Poker Hands

Strongest Poker Hands To Weakest Poker Hands

The most important thing when playing poker is knowing which hands beat which - the last thing you want is to get confused and think your hand is stronger than it actually is. The table below lists all the possible winning poker hands, in order of strength, so the top hand Royal Flush is the strongest, down to the lowest pair.

Winning Poker Hands

Pairs lower than 10's count also, and in the event of no player still in the pot having a pair,
high card (Ace downwards) determines the winner.

It's very important to memorise which poker hands are the strongest, I've seen many times people get confused and think they had a winning poker hand only to realise that their straight was beaten by a flush, or their flush was beaten by a full house. No matter how your gambling and raising skills are, you need to be absolutely certain on which winning poker hands rank highest!
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