Why poker online Indonesia is so famous

Online poker has been around since 1998. It has grown year after year, and currently, it has attracted millions of players. The players can play for cash and participate in online tournaments. Online poker isn’t just a simple card game as perceived. It has a lot more to offer.

Reasons why online poker is so famous

  1. Income- Everybody appreciates the opportunity to make extra cash. Poker enthusiasts play in the hope that they will win and have extra money to spend.
  2. Thrills- Poker online Indonesia gives the players a whole lot of excitement, especially when they take the chip lead. The excitement is what keeps most players coming back for more.
  3. Fun- Online poker is a great way to unwind. Most adults have too many responsibilities that they barely get a chance to have some fun. Online poker is an excellent way for adults to relish their youthful days.


  1. Convenience- You can play online poker from wherever you want because you do not need to visit a casino or a poker room.
  2. You can sharpen your skills for live poker- Online poker gives you the opportunity to play with as many players as you wish. The experience you gain when playing online poker is therefore unlimited because you can play as much as you want.

Online poker vs. live poker

  1. Attack vs. Defence- Online players is tighter and more aggressive. They focus on the game while live players are verbal and may try to intimidate each other using facts that are not related to the game.
  2. Speed of play- Online poker is way much faster than live poker.
  3. Location- Online poker can be played at your most convenient place while to play live poker, you have to make a physical appearance at the table.

Common mistakes live poker players make when they join online poker

  1. Playing higher stakes than they should. Online poker and live poker are worlds apart when it comes to skills. Most online players take the game very seriously while a good number of live players play for recreation. So it is best to start with the smallest stake possible
  2. Underestimating the variances- Variances are the fluctuations that occur in your bankroll as you play.

Online poker has gained popularity over the years due to the convenience, fun and the possible incomes from the game. Some people play online poker for a living.


Post Author: Julie Scott

Julie Scott