Using Positive And Negative Betting Strategies In Roulette

Progressive betting systems are simple to follow and basically rely on changing the amount that is bet based on a previous win or loss.  The system that is being used will depend on how the bet is to be adjusted.  This can be a positive or a negative progression.  With a positive progression players will increase their bet if they win and decrease if they lose and a negative progression will mean increasing the bet if there is a loss and decreasing the bet if there is a win.  These types of systems are used by casino players especially Roulette players.  When using a betting strategy in Roulette a player would typically place a bet on red or black or odds or evens.  Another popular casino game where a strategy is used is Blackjack.

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Positive Progressive Betting

Progressive betting systems increase the bet if there is a win and decrease it if there is a loss and can be used in just about all games, even online casino keno.  Positive progression systems tend to be less damaging than negative progression systems.  Positive progression systems maintain that players can maximise their profits if they are lucky enough to find themselves on a winning streak and will also help keep losses to minimum if they are losing.  This type of system may help players win big as well as help them limit their losses.

The most popular progressive betting system used in Roulette is the Paroli system.  Players choose a bet and will use this amount as an initial bet.  If they win they will increase their bet by the initial bet amount and if they lose they will bet the initial bet.  Players have been able to win using this system and it is a relatively simple and straightforward system to use.  Other progressive betting systems that can be used in Roulette are the 1-3-2-6 system, reverse Labouchere and contra d’Alembert.

Negative Progressive Betting

Using the negative progression system is the exact opposite of the positive progression system and here players will increase their bet if they lose and reduce their bet if the win.  The theory behind this system is that players will eventually win and these wins will be at a higher bet than any losses and players should make a profit overall.  This theory may seem sound, but it does have its downside.  A losing streak is not guaranteed.

When using this type of gaming strategy playing Roulette, red may win a few times and players may expect black to be up next, but there is never a guarantee when playing Roulette.  This is trying to see some kind of pattern, which is not possible with Roulette, a game based on luck.  The problem with the negative progression system is that Roulette is based on random numbers being chosen each time the wheel spins and placing the wrong bet will result in a loss.  Players may find themselves at the end of a big loss, which they cannot afford.  Of course, there is always the chance that a player could win using this system.  Negative progression systems include the Martingale, Labouchere, d’Alembert and Fibonacci.

Using betting systems when playing Roulette can be fun if they are understood for what they are and also remembering that Roulette is based on luck.  These systems should be used fully understanding the losses that can be incurred, but as always with casino games things are unpredictable and players may walk away with a big win!

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Post Author: Clare Louise