Unleash The Mystery Of Pyramid And Its Jewels With Book Of Ra

The amazing mystery of Egypt and its pyramids has always been enticing. The hidden treasure, Pharaohs and such amazing stories are enough to give you goose bumps. Well, if you want to be a part of that hidden treasure and unveil its historical values, then Book of Ra is the perfect game for you to play. Slot games are now taking a new turn completely and addressing so many changes at the same time. Those days of lame old fruits and vegetables as slot icons are history. This particular online slot game is not just amazing to look at but quite addictive at the same time.

Overview of the game:

You might have wanted to search for the hidden treasures more than once. With the help of this slot game, you will get a feel of it. This game is likely to take you directly into the burial chambers of Pharaohs and let you dig into their gold and gems. You will come across some challenges, where your task is to put the countless relics in their perfect order to get to the next stage. If you have luck by your side, you can also convert discoveries from the five reels and 9-win into cash winnings. With the help of right combinations, you can easily gain direct access to free games now.

Some features to check into:

Before you play a round of Book of Ra, it is mandatory to check the features first. That will help you to learn more about the game and ways to play it for a big win. In case of the regular game, you have to match three scatter symbols for winning ten free spins. For the free spin game, your last used settings will be used. This might land on all reel positions after winning free games. Those are going to be counted as a normal symbol, as per the paytable is concerned. The win amount depends on the symbol and selected bet.

Follow the instructions:

For a big win, you have to follow the instructions. This casino game is designed for a player, and it is known to be a perfect slot game of all time. Once you have entered a “session,” it means you have started the game already. Each session is an independent game, and the earlier sessions won’t have any influence on the current session. The game will start once you have placed a bet. It will end once you have left the app. Your current session will end right when you plan to leave the application.

Betting and payout rules:

It is mandatory for you to learn everything about payout rule and betting ones, valid for a round of Book of Ra. Here, the RTP is 95.10%, and the maximum bet depends on the available credit on account. When you are in the middle of the session, making a deposit is not applicable. Minimum bet per round is going to be 0.18 euros and maximum is 45 euros. This gambling game will give you the opportunity to win a maximum amount of 5000 euros.

Post Author: Julie Scott

Julie Scott