Top Facts You Never Knew About Slot Machines!


The humble Slot Machine, found in all four corners of the globe, every casino on earth, and even sitting in your pocket (on your smartphone of course!). There’s endless ways to win big in the 21st century, but do you know everything you need to know about the infamous slot machine? We’ve gathered a few facts, figures and rare pieces of information that are guaranteed to blow your mind. So if you’re feeling lucky, stick a bet on, and read ahead!

  1. The biggest recorded pay-out is an eye-watering $39.7 million, won by a young basketball fan from California. Rumour has it he was simply killing time before a basketball game started, and left the city almost $40 million dollars richer! Not bad for time wasting!
  2. Slot Machines were initially considered small time distractions from the big games such as roulette or poker, but as of 2003, machine gambling generated almost 85% of casinos revenues.
  3. These days, slot machines are very different to the machines we used to know when they were first introduced. Back in the day, they used to be fairly straightforward. You inserted coins, pulled the lever, and hoped to match the symbols, but now, every element of the game is new, fresh and exciting.
  4. Despite the popular rumours, there is no actual best time to play slots. No matter if the Casino you’re in is absolutely packed on a Friday night, or completely empty on a mid-week afternoon, the odds will always be the same, and the house will never have a specific time-advantage.
  5. Las Vegas, Nevada has the highest number of Slot Machines in the world. It’s estimated that the city has an incredible ratio of 8 people to every slot machine!
  6. The affectionate nickname ‘one armed bandit’ wasn’t initially intended to describe the machine. It first referred to the questionable people who manipulated the earliest of the slot machines to cheat the game. Eventually, the term came to be used for the actual machines themselves.
  7. Japan loves slots more than America, despite only being 1/3 of the size. Having an estimated 5 million slot machine games in the country, they have the highest people to slot machine ratio in the world!
  8. One of the biggest slot machines in the world was called Big Bertha. It was so big, it took five horsepower electric motors just to power it, as it was too heavy for people to pull the handle! With twenty-inch wide chain wheels, the machine was a beast, however she has since been retired. Contrary to popular belief, she’s not actually the biggest! Simply the most famous!

So there you have it, considered yourself further educated in the ever growing world of slots and casinos. Hopefully this extra wisdom will help you win even bigger next time you give the slots a go, or even try your luck at online roulette, but if not, at least you’re armed with this new information to help educate your friends, and spread the word!

Post Author: Christine Rizzo

Christine Rizzo