Soccer Betting :How to Win at

Be Aware of Home Field Advantage

This may sound stupid, or even blatantly obvious but knowing who the home team is, and even further, know about the home team’s fans can be a major determinant in a match. When a small team from a small home stadium visits a major club the shock can be intense. This is evident in FA Cup and Carling Cup matches where lower tier teams visit top flight clubs. Even some regular season Premier League matches have teams whose home stadium holds barely 10,000 people visiting a stadium that holds 65,000; that can make a significant difference in how well players and coaches are able to communicate.

Make Obvious Bets

For beginning bettors it may be smart start out by eliminating as much risk as possible by making bets on the obvious winner, even if it earns only a small return. The good thing about soccer around the world is that there are teams in the same league that are completely mismatched. Look at the Scottish Premier League for example, when a powerhouse club like Celtic hosts a much lower-skilled opponent like Inverness the match result is typically predictable. Of course there are upsets but they are very hard to plan for, whether you are betting soccer in the USA or elsewhere.

Another place where making obvious bets is going to be generally safe is in the early stages of UEFA Champions League play. This is where teams like Barcelona are matched up with teams like Legia Warsaw of Poland. In this example I think it is fair to say that even Legia fans would be aware of the likely outcome. Of course as the tournament advances the games get closer and your risk is going to be higher.

You do not have to pretend to be an expert as soon as you begin placing wagers. Make some small scale “easy” bets and get a feel for betting on soccer via Remember that even a little bit of pregame knowledge can prove to be infinitely beneficial.


Post Author: Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis