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What to Consider in Choosing Your Online Poker Sit-and-go Tournaments

One of the most exciting parts in being an online poker player is that you can have more confidence to participate in tournaments, and there are a lot of them. One is known as cash-and-go games.

Cash-and-go online poker games are quite different. They are more known for their speed, as there is no predetermined time that the game will start. As long as the number of players has been met, you can already start to play it. In fact, a very good cash-and-go online poker player can join as many as 50 of them in a day. But how do you exactly determine the most ideal cash-and-go online poker tournaments? Here are some of the factors that you can consider.

Buy-in. The buy-in is considered to be your "registration fee" for the game. A part of it will go to the pot, while the rest is for administrative charges. It should only make up a small portion of your total bankroll. You really cannot expect the stake in cash-and-go online poker to be really huge compared to multi-table tournaments; however, it should not be too low enough that you won't be motivated to do your best in the games. You should watch out too if most of the online poker players are indiscriminately putting all their bets into the pot or when there are a lot of calls rather than raises. It could mean that there isn't really something huge to look forward to at the end of the online poker game. You may also want to try out several cash-and-go online poker games before you decide to play huge on the stake, so you don't end up losing a lot.

Speed. As mentioned, cash-and-go online poker games are known for their speed, which will be very challenging especially for those who are beginners. They will really be forced to think hard and fast. If you're still aren't comfortable with your skills, it may be a good idea to practice some more and play on regular online poker games. If not, you can look for cash-and-go tournaments that are meant only for the novices. For those who are already in the intermediate and advanced levels, they can settle for turbo games. These are the ones where players only have 15 seconds to make a decision, whether to raise, call, check, or fold. The amount of the blinds can also go up around 4 times in an hour.

Number of Players. In a usual cash-and-go online poker games, there are at most 10 players in a table, but you can definitely go lesser than that—as low as 6 per table. Because you are a part of a relatively small group, there's a huge chance that you need to handle a lot of hands, and you will have to be more aggressive and quick thinking. Decisions are needed in a matter of seconds.

Cash-and-go online poker games are a great training ground to really test your ability to make a decision immediately without eventually losing all your bankroll all too soon.