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What to Avoid When Playing Online Poker

Poker is a game intended for you to socialize. Hence, when you are in a casino, you follow a set of etiquettes intended to make the game more sociable and enjoyable. These can be considered rules; if you don't follow them you may end up being kicked out of the casino or at least be attached to a bad reputation each time someone sees you play.

Although it is online, some of these etiquettes can also apply to Internet poker. These are things that you should avoid doing when playing online poker, similar to when you are playing in a physical casino.

Watch Your Mouth

It is one thing to be elated when you've won the game; it is another thing to brag about it. Even when you are just playing poker online, you can still start a round of flaming because of your comments through the chat feature. Here are some things you should avoid saying in the chat feature:

Don't criticize other people's play.Online poker is a game of both chance and technique; however, the former is more dominant in the game. Therefore, you should verbally abuse or criticize how your opponent plays his hand. This is because he has no control of the cards that are dealt to him and, come to think about it, so are you.

Find a way to quickly end discussions. It is not uncommon for someone to receive praises or criticisms in both offline and online poker, even if it's against the etiquette. When this happens, do not ride in with the conversation. If someone "praises" you for your win, don't get carried away. Just tell them you got lucky, or something like that. If someone criticizes you, don't answer back. Don't even prolong discussions in online poker because they may escalate into something else.

Do not attack the dealer. Again, the dealer is just a person who gives out the cards. It is very unbecoming for someone to abuse the dealer because he didn't get the cards that would have made him win the game. This applies also to both offline and online poker because online versions use videos of a dealer from a live game. They also don't have control over the cards that they deal in the table.

Avoid giving advice. It can be tempting to give advice to a person playing poker, both offline and online. Don't ever attempt this for two reasons: you might inadvertently reveal the person's hand, and two, you will be destroying the person's focus on both his and his opponent's games. You may mean well, but it doesn't always happen that what you intend is what is going to happen.

Remember, the only difference between an online and an offline casino is the location and the fact that an online casino uses software. However, the rules are very much the same. If you don't follow this etiquette when playing online poker, you may end up getting banned from an online casino and not being able to play at all.