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What Are the Various Kinds of Poker Bonus?

Have you been to poker rooms lately? You may have discovered that there are actually tons of poker bonuses that you can get and enjoy. What does this mean? You can practically increase your money in your account without having to deposit a lot of your own just to play the games. Just to give you an idea what they are, check out the list below:

Initial Deposit Poker Bonus. This is the poker bonus that will be given to you in relation to the first deposit that you made. It could either be fixed, which means the amount you're going to receive as bonus will be the same no matter how much you're going deposit into your account, or percentage, which is the usual case. If it's going to be percentage, it would range from 100 to as high as 400 percent. Thus, if you're going to put in $50 into your account and the initial deposit bonus is 200 percent, you can actually increase your poker balance into fourfold.

No Deposit Poker Bonus. This is another type of bonus that is usually given away to first-time poker players. As its name suggests, there's no need for you to pay anything. In fact, it will be the poker rooms' obligation to do so. There are a lot of reasons why they would do this. For one, they would love to encourage Internet users and poker players to join their rooms. It could also be beneficial to players, so they can gauge what kinds of poker games they would love to play online. Even if this is money, though, you cannot withdraw and then deposit it into your bank account or e-wallet.

Monthly Poker Bonus. There are also poker rooms that will be providing monthly bonuses to all or some of their members. The terms and conditions, however, can vary from room to room. There are others that would offer rebates to players who lose on the third Sunday of the month. There are also some poker rooms that would give a fixed amount to all their online players (of course, this is just going to be very minimal). Keep in mind that not all casinos or poker rooms have this one, so you better read the Promotions page or FAQ section.

Loyalty or VIP Poker Bonus. Perhaps one of the most coveted or sought-after poker bonus types in the World Wide Web is the loyalty or the VIP bonus. After all, it carries a lot of benefits. For example, a player who's elevated to a VIP status can receive a portion of the total fees collected by poker rooms during tournaments or cash pots. You can also look forward to rebates, where a percentage of your stake will go back to you, win or lose. If it's going to be 35 percent, and you lose your cash amounting to $500, $175 will be added back into your account. You can also get freebies from the poker rooms, which may come in the form of shirts, pens, and other corporate items.