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Top Ways on How to Earn Poker Bonus Easily

Though most poker websites can give you plenty of poker bonuses, some of them will not be yours immediately. In fact, the road to getting them can be very hard. This is because of the wagering requirements. If you cannot play for certain points during a limited number of time, you will no longer be eligible for the poker bonus .

But do you know that there are actually ways on how you can get them fast and easy? You just need to watch out for these things:

Refer a friend. The principle is simple. You just need to refer a friend into the poker room. Of course, the many friends that you can "recruit", the better. Every one of them will give you around $25 to $50—or even more than that. Thus, if you can encourage 10 people to sign up, you already have a poker bonus of $250. Your friends can also benefit. They will have a welcome bonus that is almost similar to yours. To obtain the bonus, both of you will have to play for certain number of points, which is definitely not much. Thus, getting this poker bonus is very convenient.

Go for bad beat bonus. A bad beat poker bonus is usually given to those players who lost hands—or, simply put, lost a game. If this is the circumstance that you're in, there's no way that you can recover the money that you have put to a stake. But a bad beat poker bonus will somehow ease your worries as you can instantly earn money from the loss. Of course, there are terms and conditions that you need to follow, and it may be given only once. Nevertheless, this poker bonus is a lot better than losing everything that you have in the game.

Check if there are freeroll tournaments. One of the foremost advantages of freeroll poker competitions is that you can actually increase or build your bankroll without having any risk at all. This is because you don't have to spend your real money for it. There are no entry fees that you have to pay. You can see if the poker rooms can give away freeroll poker bonuses to you, especially if you're a newbie. This will entitle you to around $100, which you can then use for the freroll games. However, you need to be very attentive, as freeroll competitions don't happen all the time. There are only special announcements for the schedules.

Go for the initial deposit bonus. Most poker rooms, if not all, have initial deposit poker bonus. This is the bonus that is extended to new players, so they will be encouraged to participate in real money games. You can get as high as 100 percent or as much as $1,000. However, there's a catch. You need to accumulate points, and as you build up points, the bonus will be given to you in increments. There is also a time limit. You may want to check the expiration date, so you can gauge how often you should play and if it's achievable.