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Top Sit-and-go Online Poker Tips to Live By

There are already a lot of online poker players today who would spend much of their time on sit-and-go games. Though the stakes aren't that high, they are a lot faster than other kinds of online poker tournaments out there. In fact, if they are really good, they can play as many as 50 of them in just one day. This is because the game can actually start as long as the required number of players has been met. The best 3 will also be given prizes.

However, if there's one thing you need to remember about sit-and-go online poker tournaments, it's this: you need to think very fast. For example, in turbo games, you may only have around 15 seconds to decide on what to do with your hands. You also need to be more aggressive and protective of your blinds. That's why before you join sit-and-go online poker games, you have to have these best tips:

1. Take advantage of your position. If you want to know where the best position for a sit-and-go online poker game is, then look at the dealer button. You really don't want to be seated close to the one who's going to do the pre-flop raise. You need to be able to have an idea of the hands of your opponents. Therefore, if you're going to find a place in sit-and-go online poker games, go for the one that will make you the last person to bet after the flop has been made.

2. Make sure that you are a tight online poker player at the early part of the game. What do we mean by this? You should avoid playing a lot of hands during the early part of the game. You still need to have as many chips as possible, so you can have more chances of betting your opponents during the middle until the last stages of the game.

3. Learn from the games. There's no other way to train yourself on becoming a much better sit-and-go online poker player than to learn from all of your games. The good thing about online poker is that you can actually check on all your gaming history, and you can see the kinds of hands that you've dealt with. You will know which of them worked well and which ones don't. Oftentimes those that do will also be the ones that will make you win the next time that you're going to join sit-and-go online poker tournaments. You may also want to practice through the free poker training area, so you can be more skilled in playing the game.

4. Watch out for the movement of the hands. There are certain hands that do wonders during the early part of the game, until you will only have very limited options when you reach the middle until the final stages. For example, 6 of Spades followed by 7 of spades may work well during the early part but not later on. As the blind increases, though, and there will be more opponents that will be folding, you may find the ability to play the suited connectors a lot better. Your challenge is to be able to determine the best possible hands to play in every cash-and-go online poker level.