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Tips to a Winning Seven-card Stud Game

Ever wonder what it takes to have a successful game of seven-card stud online poker every time? Actually there are just a few things that you need to remember in order for you to be able to maximize your chances of winning in a game of seven-card stud.

Take note, these things you are going to read are also some of the common mistakes that one can possibly in a game of online poker, especially the seven-card stud variant. Hence, it is important that you know about these mistakes and understand them. That way you can avoid doing such mistakes in the future. You need to have a very good theoretical foundation before you can expect to play a good game of online poker, after all.

If You Do Not Have a Good Card, Fold

When you do not have a hand that you think can stand up to the other players, then by all means, fold. Folding at this point can save you quite a loss, because you have to bet for every round that you do not fold even if you have the hand that can make it possible for you to win. To minimize your losses, simply fold and wait for the next game of seven-card stud online poker before betting again. Who knows, you might be lucky in the next game.

Do Not Be Too Engrossed in Your Own Game

One of the common mistakes that you could make during your first time to play the seven-card stud variant of online poker is to pay real close attention to your own cards without taking into account the cards that the opponents have. This is a big mistake when playing seven-card stud. It is important to pay real close attention to the other player's cards as well. That way you can make decisions and know what to expect for your hand because you can see what cards have already been dealt and which cards are likely to be held by your fellow players. This way you can make strategic decisions that will obviously make or break your game.

One way to do this is to keep a close eye at the cards that are dealt to your opponents. There is an unspoken rule in seven-card stud online poker that you have to memorize the cards that have been dealt face-up not only to you but your opponents.

Raise At Once When You Think You've Got the Best Hand

Another mistake that most novices make is to hold on to their hands in the hope that they can make the better hand. This is wrong, as you might be unlucky enough to get a lousy hand in the long run. The downside of this is that you are betting in every round that you are given the card, thus increasing your risk of a loss. Thus it is better that you raise right away when you think you've hit your target or that your hand is already as good as possible against the other players.