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The Unique Variants of Online Stud Poker

There are a wide variety of poker games that you can play online, but do you know that there also several kinds of them that you can choose from? Take, for example, stud poker. This type of poker variant is generally non-positional game. This means that the player who is going to make the first bet for every round may change.

Here are some of the unique kinds of stud poker games that you can play:

Six-card stud. There are other slight variations of this game, which include seven-card and five-card stud poker. The only difference among them is the number of cards that are being played. For example, unlike in seven-card stud, there is no last face-up card in six-card stud poker. When it comes to five, there is an additional down card. You will know if you're playing the six-card stud poker if the pattern goes like this: there are two face-down cards, three that are up, and then the last one is down. Depending on the rules that you want to impose on the six-card online poker game, there are times when the first betting round happens only after when the two cards are already dealt with. Usually, one is up, and the other is down.

Alligator Stud. This is another kind of stud poker where every player is given one faced-down or hole card, and then one upcard. This will be followed by the first round of betting. Then, the players will be given a pair of upcards, which will then be subsequently followed by the second round of betting. There will be fourth upcard, betting round, then the fifth upcard, and then you have the last betting round. This stud poker is commonly played with no-limit or pot limit betting styles.

Blind Stud. It is very easy to detect a blind stud poker, for the simple reason that all cards are given to the players face down. These are usually played in California card rooms. Blind stud, though challenging, are sometimes tweaked or modified, in order to add more balance and excitement into the game. That's why don't be surprised if you're going to play a blind stud poker with seven-card hi/lo split.

Telesina. Despite being a stud variant, there are three distinct characteristics of a telesina. For one, you are going to play this using a French deck of cards, but you are going to have them stripped. This means that you're going to drop some of the cards alternately, from top to bottom of your deck. Second, the sixth community card, which will be displayed after the fourth betting round, will be placed at the center of the table; all players can then use it to form their best hand. This will then be followed by another betting round. Lastly, this is only one of the rarest times when the full house appears to have a lower value than a flush. A good explanation of this is that it's a lot easier for you to get the latter than the former.