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The Ultimate Signs of Cheating in Online Poker

Just like any other game, there are cheating and honest players in online poker. You can be the former, but surely, you would prefer the latter as you are an advocate of fair play. But is it possible for you to catch cheating players in online poker, when you don't basically see one another? What are you going to do with cheating players?

Here are the tell-tale signs:

1. A cheating player will automatically log in and out of the game. Normally, online poker games can last for several minutes. However, you may have noticed that one player could not even stand for several seconds, but then he's not folding. A good explanation for this is that he could be running a robot. This is an automated program that will do the betting for him, based on certain algorithms or mathematical formulas. Simply put, the one who's playing the game is not a real person. The main problem of robots is that they have been programmed to be right almost all of the time. Thus, the player running the robot will end up getting almost all the stake of all of the game.

What should you do?Poke him—seriously. One of the best ways to tell if the person is real is to communicate with him. You can just say hi and tell him it's nice to play a game with him. If he doesn't answer for several seconds or minutes, it could be that he doesn't like to talk to you at all or he's a robot. The next step is to take note of such suspected account and let the administrator of the website know about it.

2. There is collusion between two or among more than two players. Collusion is very rare in online poker games. This is because there's nobody else in the room but you and the other players. Still, connivance with the intent of putting someone down is highly possible. What normally happens is that they would normally be betting on the same bankroll. They would also share one another's hands, so they can maximize on the hand that can give them the biggest win. Collusion has become so much easier now in online poker because there are already plenty of ways on how to communicate. These include instant messaging systems, e-mails, and even telephones.

3. There's someone who is betting such a huge amount. Okay, betting high is technically not a problem, especially if you have a lot of money to spare. However, you have to be wary of those who are new players, and they are already putting a lot of money at stake. You could say that they are rich, or that they are not just cautious of how they spend their money. But it's always best to keep an "eye on them, particularly if they are also winning a lot of times.

The Internet itself is flawed. There are a lot of loopholes, which gives cheaters plenty of scenarios to do their own thing. You too can take advantage and abuse the system, or just settle for a pure fair play.