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Steps on How to Join Online Poker Tournaments

What makes online poker even more exciting is the fact that there are a lot of tournaments that you can participate in. You can try searching for them in Google or any other search engine. There are hundreds of them, and prizes at stake are definitely something worth getting. However, how do you exactly participate in these online competitions?

1. Know what type of tournament you want to play in. They come in all forms and sizes. You have single table and multi-table tournaments. There are also cash games. You also have sit-and go tournaments. All of them have their own characteristics—advantages and disadvantages. You have to decide which ones will be the most ideal for you. To give you an idea, single tables mean that you have to play with 10 or less than few people. In multi-table tournaments, there are plenty of these, so there can be thousands of players competing. The goal of the game is, of course, to eliminate all except one, who will be proclaimed the winner. The prize can be all his, or the pot can be divided in percentage among other players. For instance, the first prize will get 50 percent of it; second, 40; third, 30; and so on and so forth.

Cash games give you more control, as you can leave anytime you want and win any amount, though there is a minimum payout for you. However, you really cannot expect the pot to be as huge as the other tournaments.

2. Understand the rules. Generally, you need to be 18 years old and above to play in online poker tournaments. But there are also special rules, such as you can either be a novice or an expert. There are really entry-level tournaments that are only ideal for beginners, and there are hard ones for the veterans. There could be tournaments that are exclusive only to the website members. It will be a waste of time and money if you decide to join in competitions where you do not fit even one of the requirements. This is because you will still be rejected from your application, or, if you win, you will be stripped off the prize.

3. Pay the buy-in. You can consider it as your registration fee. It will already cover the bet that you are going to give to the pot, as well as the administration charges for the operators and organizers of the event. The buy-in can be very small or huge, depending on the organizers. Every player who will pay the buy-in will be given the same number of chips as the others. This is to establish fairness.

4. Get ready. You are actually given few days or even weeks for you to prepare for the game. You may want to practice your skills using free online poker programs, or you can read more on the different techniques in playing online poker from websites, magazines, or books. Moreover, get some tips from other players or friends.