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Should It Be a Rakeback or a Poker Bonus?  

What could an online poker room be without a poker bonus? In fact, it's one of the biggest come-ons, besides perhaps the software or the types of games that you can choose from. However, what a lot of online poker players don't know about is that there's also such a thing as rakeback. A rakeback is the rebate that you're going to get from rakes. These are the commission fees that are taken by poker rooms. It can be between 5 and 10 percent of your pot, or it can be according to the maximum amount.

Because of this, there's a persisting question: which is better? Should you go for a rakeback or a poker bonus? Both are different, and they have their own advantages and disadvantages. Today, you will know when a rakeback is good and when you better settle for a poker bonus.

A rakeback is good if you're planning to play long hours in the poker rooms—and we're talking about giving money to pots and joining tournaments. This is because for every game that you're going to play, you're going to get something. If you're not that persistent, you can go for a poker bonus. The good thing about the latter is that there are a lot of them that you can anticipate.

You should also go for the rakeback if it becomes almost impossible for you to meet the wagering requirements. Usually in online poker rooms, before you can actually have your poker bonus credited into your account, you have to play a number of games a lot of times, for a specific period. If you go beyond or the poker bonus has already expired, it will no longer be added into your account. But if you're going to be very consistent with your game, there's a huge possibility that you will not only get rakeback deals but even the bonus.

It will also depend on the level of your poker game. If you're not a usual online poker player and that you would usually go for the low blinds, it's a lot better if you will get poker bonus instead. This is because you will get decent amount of money into your balance than with a rakeback deal. Since we're playing percentages here, a rakeback deal is always best if you're a high roller or that you are playing in high rake hands. It will be very difficult for the poker bonus to match what you're going to get with rakebacks, not to mention that there are wagering requirements that you have to meet.

A rakeback will also be good if you're a player who likes to settle for one or few poker rooms in an online casino. Since there's a huge chance that you're already familiar with the techniques, you can already aim for high rake hands and get higher rakeback deals. If you want to move from one poker room to another, a poker bonus becomes much better, since you can maximize on your bonus earnings that way.