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RedKings: The Biggest Poker Bonuses You Will Ever Encounter

If you're looking for the biggest possible poker bonus you'll ever receive in your entire poker playing life, then you should be part of RedKings. With signup poker bonus, for example, you can increase your initial deposit to as much as 500 percent, or $1,000. It's a lot bigger than what is being offered by most poker rooms, which are usually pegged at 100 percent or $600.

You also have two choices on how to go about with the signup poker bonus. These could be incremental or fixed poker bonus. For example, Kings1000 will give you $100 for every 900 player points that you're going to accumulate. If you're going to play Kingsize 2500, the bonus will be raised to 100 percent or an equivalent to $2,500 more into your account. There are only two requirements that you have to meet. For every $1 poker bonus that you're going to receive, you have to get 8x poker points. You also have 21 days to be able to achieve it; otherwise, the poker bonus will expire.

You can also earn more poker bonus, in cash, every time that you're going to refer a friend to the poker room. You will be able to receive an extra $50 into your bankroll for every person that you can recommend into your website. In turn, your friend will also receive $50. This is also 100 times greater than other poker rooms. Most of the refer-a-friend promotions may only give you $25 cash poker bonus. You simply need to achieve poker points of 400; then the money will be credited into your account. You can go to the Refer-a-friend page, where you can enter 10 e-mail addresses and names. If all of them will sign up, you can have $500 more into your bankroll.

If you're fond of Texas Holdem, then there is an additional poker bonus that is waiting for you. It's called bad beat bonus. If you happen to lose the ring game during the final showdown, but you do have a red pocket king, you can get $50 cash poker bonus into your account. To be able to claim your bonus, you have to reach a certain number of points. You also have to mention the hand number, as well as send an e-mal to the account manager. This poker bonus can be awarded only once.

You can also earn poker bonus for red kings every time that you're going to be dealt with itówin or lose. As long as you have this card, you will receive a guaranteed $10 poker bonus. The rules are basically the same with the bad beat. You also have to inform the account manager about your red king.

For those who want to get a taste of poker tournaments, you can start joining the shuffle up freeroll tournaments. You can increase your bankroll with the least risk, since you don't have to pay for any entry fee. New depositors or members will immediately get $100 into their account, which they can use for these tournaments.