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Purple Is the New Color of Winning

Think of winning, and you will often associate it with gold, which is a high-valued element in the world. You will perhaps also think of green, which is the ultimate color of U.S. bills. But another one is fast catching up, and we're talking about Purple.

Purple Lounge has been one of the poker hotspots these days. Besides the cool graphics, they also have huge amounts of poker bonuses that they are giving away to all their members.

For example, for first-time players, they can take advantage of the initial deposit poker bonus, which guarantees them 100 percent increase into their bankroll. If they're going to be persistent enough, though, they can have as high as $1,000. You only need to play 20 raked hands for you to get a dollar. Stake tables can be between $1 and $2. The poker bonus will start to come in when you have reached 1,000 raked hands, of which $50 will be credited into your account. There will then be an increment of $25 for every 500 hands that you're going to get after. You cannot, however, use your play in tournaments or play money to increase your raked hands.

But you can still look at the bright side with this another poker bonus that you're going to get just by signing up. If you're going to make a deposit within 24 hours of your registration, you can immediately get $10 directly into your account. You can simply download the software into your computer. For you to clear the bonus, you have to play through free money, or you can wager 100 raked hands.

Losers are also well-compensated by Purple Lounge. Knowing how difficult it is to actually lose a game, since it still means that you're spending without getting anything in return, you can achieve for yourself the progressive bad beat poker bonus. If you can get hands with four a kind or even better than that and you still lose, you will be eligible for this kind of poker bonus. There should also be four or more players who are playing the game.

There are also free spins competition for all members, where they can not only play poker, but they can even proceed to the online casino and into the slot machines. This is usually held every Saturday. A couple of slot machines that you can get free spins include Tomb Raider, Wasabi-San, Hitman, and Cashville.

Most of all, as a member of Purple Lounge, you can avail of the VIP service. As a VIP member, you can have your own manager, who will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can also have access to poker room tournaments that are only meant for VIP players. There are also promotions that are intended only to you. if you want to withdraw or make deposits, it will be processed within the next 24 hours. You will immediately become a VIP member if your total points are already more than 1,000 points.