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Poker770: You Can Never Go Wrong with Two Lucky Sevens

Poker770 is part of a network of organizations that have been known for creating great poker rooms. That's why you can never go wrong with it. What's more, there are a lot of poker bonuses that you can take advantage of.

For example, in your first deposit, you have two poker bonuses. You can earn 100 percent bonus, which means that you can increase your bankroll twice or £300. All you need to do is to accumulate a total of 770 points through ring or real money games. They can check their balances by going to the Poker lobby. You also have three months to reach the maximum number of points. The poker bonus will expire soon after that. Thus, you're no longer going to get it.

First-deposit players can also participate in the freeroll cash tournament, where the prize could be $7,770. In this type of game, there will be a minimum of 100 to a maximum of 1,500 players. The blinds will change very 7 minutes, and antes will begin once you will reach level 7. Those who can avail of the game, however, are only players who have made their first deposit at least 2 months before the game. Moreover, the minimum deposit should be $30.

You can also earn more poker bonus by becoming a member of the VIP club. It's a form of loyalty bonus where members can need to earn sufficient number of points to reach the basic level, which is bronze.

There are a lot of advantages of being part of the VIP club. It will be very easy for you to convert your poker bonus into real money, which you can then withdraw from your account. You can also easily build up on points, so you can earn more poker bonus. Most of all, you can participate in freeroll tournaments that are meant only for VIP members. One needs to get 1 to 1,499 points to become a Bronze member. As your points increase, your level will too, until you can reach the highest: Diamond.

There are certain guidelines that you also have to meet before you can be evaluated for your VIP status and earn more poker bonus. One, you should be a member of the Poker770 for at least two months. Second, the points will be based on the ones you obtained for the past three months, though your points will be assessed monthly. You will know of your VIP status by going into the lobby, which is found in your software. It is designated by the asterisks.

If you want to earn poker bonus in Poker770 the easy way, all you need to do is to refer a friend into the poker website. You can receive a bonus of $75 for every friend that you're going to refer, while your friend will get $25 as a welcome gift. It's highly convenient to invite a friend and get poker bonus. You can just go to the lobby, proceed to the Cashier window, and select the option Invite a Friend. You then have to key in the names and e-mail addresses of all your friends.