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Playing for the Bounty in Online Poker

Do you know the bounty hunters? These are actually those people who are after criminals that are being searched by the police. They would also find them just like the police do, not really because they want to keep peace and order but because of one other important thing: the reward.

This concept has also been adapted in online poker; that's why today you will find that there are already plenty of bounty online poker tournaments that are being played. The rule is very simple. You just need to eliminate as many players as possible, and you will be rewarded for every online poker player that you will knock out.

Why Bounty Online Poker Tournaments Have Become Popular

First, the idea is very novel or new. Most of the online poker games force the player to stay on the game so they can eventually win the pot. This one focuses on your opponents and how many of them you can remove. Second, it proved to be a very exciting game. Even if online poker players would not like to admit it, it definitely gives them a different sense of satisfaction when they can see their opponents folding and leaving the tables one by one or even simultaneously.

How the Bounty Is Being Calculated

The number of players that can play the bounty online poker game will depend on the organizers of the tournament, but it can go as high as 20 players in the table. The buy-in will also be different among tournaments, but usually the fee is the basis of the bounty or how much every player will cost you. For example, if the buy-in fee is $20 and the bounty prize is 50 percent of it, it means that every player will be worth $10. The rest of the cash will go to the position prize pool.

How to Successfully Play Bounty Online Poker Tournaments

Because of the main thrust of this online poker game, there will also be variations of your strategies. If you're interested in playing this very soon, keep these suggestions close to you:

1. Eliminate as many players as you can. Based on the cost of the bounty, you can already determine how many players you need to beat before you can make a profit. In our example, you only have to beat 3 players. However, if you want to earn more money in this online poker game, you definitely have to remove as many of them.

2. Start out tight. Don't be a too-aggressive player at the start of the game. Allow your opponents to battle one another, and only try to be more participating if there will only be few players left. By this time, you still have a lot in your bank roll, as well as a lot of stacks that you can play. This will also give you a good advantage since, when you decide to go all-in, the rest of your opponents will feel really threatened. Since you're starting out tight, it could mean that you have very good hands, and you can implement your bluffing strategies.