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Online Poker: Is This Allowed?

Think of online poker, and you can always relate it to online gambling, which you know has been the subject of so many controversies for the past years. There have been plenty of countries that disapproved of it, and there are many that have welcomed it. So the question of whether online poker is allowed or not will be dependent on the country that you're talking about.

In the United States

Online gambling, in general, is not allowed in the United States for a number of reasons. For one, it will be difficult for them to control the money that is going in and out of the country, since most of the transactions are done electronically. There's also the moral issue, where most of the teens are now getting hooked with online gambling, such as poker. Today, international gambling corporations are not allowed to operate their businesses in the country.

However, there is what we call as state and federal laws. In the former, states can come up with their own respective bills about a certain topic. That's the case with online gambling. For example, though most of the states in America consider online gambling such as online poker as a felony, in North Dakota it is proposed to be legal but highly regulated. This means that anyone can play or operate the game as long as they are in the bounds of the terms and conditions that have been set, one of which is that the operations should be physically done in the state.

In the Caribbean

Most of the online gambling websites are operating their businesses in the Caribbean for the simple reason that they are legal. We have Barbados , as well as Antigua and Barbuda . However, for them to start operating, they have to obtain license first from the government. Other countries that have opened their doors in online poker are Scotland , Spain , the United Kingdom , and other countries in Europe . Nevertheless, most of these countries have their own regulations about online gambling and online poker.

Why This Should Concern You

The ones who are punished brutally are basically the companies that operate these gambling websites. They may be stripped off their licenses, or worse, their founders can be put to jail. However, you could also be charged of some crime, depending on which state or country you are in. If you're conscious about getting yourself in trouble, you may want to avoid playing the game, or you may wan to be more discreet about it.

Most of the online gambling websites these days don't accept U.S. players. However, there are still others that do. You may ask, "How are they able to do that?" They would allow you to pay through other means, such as three types of e-wallets. You have Moneybookers, eCheck, and ePassporte. Unlike Neteller that has already become notorious in the eyes of the government, these three can accept U.S. members, and are three of the most generally accepted modes of payment in online casinos.