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Ladbrokes: Bigger and Stronger with Their Poker Bonus

Ladbrokes poker room is known for not only superior in terms of graphics but also in terms of the games that you can play. However, it's greatly improved with the addition of huge poker bonus that can be yours for the taking.

Their welcome poker bonus is huge. Depending on how much you have purchased or deposited into your account, you can actually get $1,000 into your bankroll. You only need to deposit around $50 into your account, so you will be able to start the game rolling. You also have to accumulate points, depending on the raked hands. For example, an initial deposit of $50, you need to obtain 600 cumulative points, before another $50 will be added into your account. You have 30 days to be able to clear your welcome poker bonus. After this, you will lose your right to it. So you can better monitor the ranked hands that you need to work on, you just proceed to the Poker Lobby, click on Menu, select My Account, and choose Raked Hand Checker.

There is also a great poker bonus that is waiting for players who love to be in single table as well as multitable tournaments. It basically allows you to build more points, so you will be entitled to more poker bonuses later on. For every $1 that you're going to pay as an entry fee, you can also have 10 tournament points. You will never lose it after every month, so you can still build on them in the succeeding months. However, if you have remained inactive after half a year, you will lose all of them.

Are you losing in some poker games? One of the biggest frustrations when it comes to losing is that you cannot also recover the bet that you've already made into your pot. In Ladbrokes, however, you can take advantage of bad beat poker bonus. It is called bad beat progressive jackpot, which means that the total poker bonus that you're going to receive will keep on increasing, according to the value of the raked hand.

Nevertheless, there are some requirements that you have to meet. For one, the losing hand should have eights or four-a-kind, or even better than these. There should also be more than three payers in the table and that you should be dealing with a raked hand. Moreover, there are tables where you can play bad beat progressive bonus. If you're not seated there, you will never be able to get it.

Besides the usual cash poker bonus, a Ladbrokes poker player can also achieve free chips. Every March, the poke website has its Lucky Chips. All you need to do is to turn 200 chips over. It will serve as your entry, and all eligible players will be raffled off. The ones who are picked can get from 25 to 500 chips every day.

Ladbrokes has more poker bonuses to offer to all their members. So why don't you sign up now?