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How to Play Omaha Online Poker Right

It's very common among online poker players to confuse Texas Holdem and Omaha. This is because they are all played using 5 community cards. However, as you know, they are two different online poker games. That's why it's very important that you learn how to play Omaha right. This way, you don't end up mixing your techniques.

The first thing that you need to know is what type of Omaha online poker game you would want to be in. There are two types of them. We have Omaha Hi and Omaha Hi/Lo. The difference between the two is that with the latter, there are two winners, and it's going to be a split pot. The online poker player with the highest hand should divide his winnings with the one with the lowest hands. Different online casinos have various split percentage.

Like in Texas holdem, Omaha online poker requires a minimum and maximum limit. Usually, the one that you're going to fin in online casinos is $2/$4, but it could increase. At the start of the game, there should be a designated dealer, and he's one of the Omaha online poker players. He will also be given the privilege to be the last one to act during the betting rounds. During the course of the game, as there will be new small and big blinds, there will also be new designated dealers. Then, following the rules of the blinds, the players to his left will be the ones to give the small and big blinds. Once the blinds have been added to the pot, the Omaha online poker game officially begins.

The cards will then be given. There will be four cards for every player, and they will all be face down. These are referred to as hole cards. The first betting round will then start with the one who gave the big blind. Every online poker player then will be given three options: fold, raise, or call. If he's going to fold, he will be automatically out of the game.

After that, the dealer will then place 3 face-up cards at the center of the table. In online poker, these are called community cards. This is because these cards can form wide variety of hand combinations. Another set of betting begins. Subsequently, the dealer will have to burn a card. This means that it will be discarded. This is done to establish fairness into the game. He will then pick a fourth face-up card, which will then become part of the community card. At this point in online poker, it's called a turn.

Another set of betting and decision making will be done after the turn before the game proceeds to the river. Another card is being burned, while the last of the community cards will be revealed. All in all, there will be 9 cards that can be played by every player, but only 5 need to be chosen: 2 from the hole cards and 3 from the community cards. After the river, another set of betting occurs, and this will be the last one. All players are given freedom on how much raise they would like to give.

When everyone has already made a decision, those that have remained on the table will reveal all their cards for a showdown.