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How Does Seven Card Stud Differ from Other Forms of Online Poker?

Seven-card stud is just one of the many variants of online poker. It is one of the most interesting, however, because it follows a different concept from the other forms of poker. All of those forms have base similarities and a few differences. Seven-card stud, however, takes a different form from all of them.

Dealers Do Not Deal Out Community Cards in Seven-Card Stud

In other forms of poker, the dealer gives out 5 community cards for the other players to pick cards from in order to build or complete their hands. The dealer first deals a set number of cards to the players at the start of the round, and then deals out five community cards.

In seven-card stud online poker,however, that practice does not exist. Instead, the dealer gives out three cards face down to the player, and then another four face-up for all to see and for him to pick cards from to complete his hand. That's why it is called "seven-card stud," because each player is dealt seven cards instead of the usual three or four.

Cards in seven-card stud poker are dealt this way: two cards facedown in the first round, the one upcard. One upcard each for the next three rounds, then a downcard in the last round before showdown.

Players Are Required to Put in an Ante Before the Game Begins

In other forms of poker, players are allowed to make blind bets, that is, to make a bet after receiving cards face down but without looking at them. However, in seven-card stud, the player is required to make an ante. An ante is a set amount solicited from the players before the game starts; this will make up the pot for the game. Afterwards, players are then made to bet. Players can bet for five rounds instead of four rounds like in the Texas Hold'em online poker variant.

Only Eight Players Are Allowed for Seven-Card Stud

One feature common for each type of online poker is that it allows up to 10 players to participate in the game, with minimum number of players varying from variant to other. In seven-card stud, however, the table only accommodates a maximum of eight people.

The Order of Playing Is Determined by the Cards

In other variants of online poker, the order is determined by seating arrangement. However, in seven-card stud, the upcard received by the players in every round determine who gets to act first in the table. Every round starts with every person holding the best poker hand made with his upcards.

Players Can See Almost All of the Cards

In other forms of online poker, the only cards that the players see are the community cards. However, in seven-card stud poker, all the cards dealt except for the three facedown cars are seen by the players. This can have an advantage, because players can now which cards have been dealt and have not been dealt so he can make appropriate decisions with his cards.