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How Does One Get a VIP Poker Bonus?

One of the most highly coveted poker bonuses today is the VIP bonus. You can just imagine how much you can actually get from being a VIP member. There are rebates to your bets or deposits. You can also join exclusive tournaments or enjoy freerolls, where you don't have to pay for entry fees in competitions. A poker bonus can also be a ticket for receiving wide array of merchandise items from the online poker room.

However, the road to becoming a recipient in a VIP poker bonus is not that easy. There are some things that you have to do first, to make sure that you can get it and that you will definitely deserve it. To help you out, here are great tips that you can follow:

1. Read the rules on how to get a VIP poker bonus. Different poker rooms have their own guidelines on how one can obtain a VIP status. By reading these terms and conditions, you will have an idea of the steps that you will have to take, so you can achieve your goal. These rules are currently found in their Promotions Page. If it's not there, you can proceed to the FAQ section.

2. Climb through the different levels. There are wide varieties of levels for a VIP poker bonus. They come in various names, but they all signify a hierarchy, which you have to pass through. For example, you can never get to Silver without being a Bronze-level VIP. You may want to know too the various requirements for each of these levels, such as how many games you have to play, how much should be your total deposits, and how long you have been playing in the poker room.

3. Check if there are VIP poker bonus codes. If you can take a look at the World Wide Web, you will discover that there are actually VIP poker bonus codes that are given away. All you need to do is to become a member of the poker room that offers such codes, and you can immediately become a VIP member right away. However, there are still a couple of things that you need to remember. One of these is that these bonus codes have their own expiration dates. If they are not used in their specified time, you will never be able to use them again. Also, you should only use the poker bonus code once.

4. Avoid getting banned, suspended, or reprimanded. Simply put, don't just be a highly effective poker player but also an obedient online poker member. Normally, those who have received red flags from the administrators are not easily considered for membership, even if the VIP poker bonus can be given voluntarily or for those who are seeking VIP level.

5. Know who gets to promote you. There are poker rooms that will be the one to extend VIP poker bonus to particular members. There are also others who will encourage their members to apply for VIP status and let them find their way into the ladder. If it's going to be the latter, you may have to inform their customer staff of your intention through a phone call or e-mail.