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Get into the Ranks of the Super Pros with Poker Bonus of Paddy Power Poker

Paddy Power Poker lives up to the expectations of online poker players. It doesn't only have a very good interface but it also contains solid rules on how to play the various poker rooms. Most of all, it has all the basic poker bonuses that you would want to get.

The website has its own sign-up poker bonus, where you can get $600 or an increase of 150 percent into your account every time you're going to make a deposit. For you to enjoy to enjoy the poker bonus, you just need to download the software into your computer, use the promo code that you can get from the website, and accumulate 800 paddy points to start earning $10. You will receive the bonus every day, but you need to clear it at the designated time, or it will expire. You can check on the My Poker section to know when the expiration date is.

You can also climb your way to the different ranks in Paddy Power Poker, and learn to enjoy more poker bonuses. The lowest that you can get is the Private, and all first-time players can already be considered as one. You will start to earn points, so you can move to the different levels. But along the way, you can play several tournaments that are meant to increase your bankroll. This way, you can conveniently convert your points to cash poker bonus. There are also freeroll tournaments that are meant for the Privates only.

If you've started earning 1,200 points in one month, you can become a lieutenant, where accumulation of poker points to get poker bonus becomes easier. You can also exchange your points for some cash. Next level will be the captain, where you need to get 6,500 points within a month's time. It's going to be a long haul, but there is another poker bonus that can motivate you. You can already start getting $60 every month. The general is considered to be the highest level, where the cash bonus can be as much as $500. There is also no limit as to how many dollars you can get as poker bonus.

Besides the cash poker bonus that you can obtain, you can also use your paddy points for something else. You can exchange them for certain merchandise items in the online store. You can also use it to join point tournaments. There is no need for you to pay the entry fee. So you know which items that you can avail, you may have to check on the store regularly. The items can change from time to time. You also need to know how many points you have to acquire before you can achieve your desired item.

Another poker bonus will be given to you by simply playing the bounty tournament. Every Thursday a player with a screen name of PaddyWhacker0 will take a seat in one of the tables, and your main goal is to make him fold. If you can, you can instantly win $100, and if you win the tournament, you will have an additional $100.