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Common Terms Used in Playing Online Poker

Playing online poker is a trade all in its own. Just like any trade, there is jargon involved. Jargon is defined simply as a set of words that are usable only within the context of the industry that employs them. For example, computer lingo is generally considered jargon because only computer experts understand them. Military jargon, on the other hand, is understood only by members of military service.

Poker is not an exception. Where you are at the poker table, it can be common for you to hear the dealer say words that you probably won't understand especially when you're new to the trade. You can save yourself the embarrassment, however, and learn a few important words when playing online poker.

As such, here are some of the most commonly used terms in both offline and online poker. There may be others, but these are just the ones that you can hear more when stepping into a casino both offline or online.


In online poker, when you make a bet before any cards have even been dealt to you, then you are making an ante. This is similar to the blind bet defined below, only that in a blind bet you are already holding cards.


"All in" is used to refer to the act of betting all chips in a poker name.

Blind Bet

A blind bet is defined as betting right away without even looking at your cards. In poker, you have the advantage of looking at the cards that been dealt to you before you make a bet. However, you can also bet right away if you think you are feeling quite lucky that night.

Burnt Card

In a pack of cards, there is always an odd card. This card should be removed. Such a card is referred to as a "burnt card." The practice of burnt cards is a measure to prevent in-house cheating, or cheating committed by a dealer.


Online poker is also a game of bluffs. This means that a player can make moves in order for the other players to believe that he has a good card and will become satisfied with their hands. This leaves the player free to build his hand while the others have already committed themselves.


Every variant of online poker involves up to four cards dealt to the players face down. Afterwards, the dealer gives out five cards for the community to pick from as they build their hands. The five community cards are considered as the "board."


In online poker,in order to assure fairness of the game, players are required to play for a set number of minutes before they are allowed to leave. This is to prevent people from scamming by playing just one game and then leaving, giving no chance for the other players to catch up to their losses.

Door Card

In stud poker, players refer to the very first card that is dealt face up as a "door card." This can be taken to mean that the first community card can be called a"door card."