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Chilipoker: Play the Hands, Get the Poker Bonus

Chilipoker lets you do two great things: play your favorite online poker games and rake as many poker bonuses as you can. Indeed, this poker website is the intended for those who are hard-core poker players and great rippers of bonuses.

The Lucky Hands

One of the most highly anticipated months for all players is March. Around this time, the Lucky Hands will commence. This means that there will be around 20 players who are going to take home a portion of $6,000. What's more, if you're a consistent player in the website, you can definitely earn more. After all, it's not only the raked hands that will be judged but also your position or VIP level. The first placer will definitely get the biggest share, which is at $750. However, if he's an Ultimate Card holder, the highest VIP level, the overall cash bonus that he's going to receive will be $1,688. The lowest among the ranks will obtain $50, and if he's an Ultimate Card-level player, his bankroll will increase to $113.

First-deposit Poker Bonus

Chilipoker also gives you plenty of ways on how you can earn your poker bonus during your first deposit. While others only have 1 mode, this poker website has a total of 4. The increase in your initial deposit will be dependent on which method you're going to choose. For example, if you're going to deposit $20, you will receive a cash poker bonus of $100. This is given to you directly and is ideal for those who are starting out with online poker. The 100 percent initial deposit bonus is perfect for intermediate or flexible online poker players, as they also have the chance to get as much as $600. If you're going to pay through Moneybookers or Neteller and deposit $100, you can get 150 percent back of your money. To obtain the poker bonus of your choice, you need to use the code found in the website.

Deposit Now Poker Bonus

If you have not availed of the initial deposit bonus but have directly deposited some money into your account, you could be eligible to participate and earn deposit now poker bonus. This means that if you have accumulated at least 100 points, you can become part of the $1,500 freeroll. There's no need for the entry fee, and you can have an opportunity to get the huge prize.

Free Statistics

Another great poker bonus offered by Chilipoker is My Statistics page. It may not be convertible to money, but it's highly valuable since it helps you decide your poker strategies. You can get past data and the ROI for your every bet into the pot or for every participation in tournaments. There is no deduction into your poker points, so you can basically use this free page anytime you want to. This is also available even for new players.

As long as you can be persistent in your poker games and you play good, Chilipoker has a lot of poker bonuses in store for you.