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Beware of the Online Poker Scams

You could be one of those who don't like to play brick-and-mortar poker games not just because casinos seem too far, but for you they are dominated by Mafias, drug cartels, and other bad guys in the world. If you don't belong to them, you are going to be losing a lot of money in the end.

So you settle for the good old Internet, because you think that it's a lot safer. With no intention of breaking your bubble, there are already a lot of online poker scams in the World Wide Web. If you aren't too careful, you will not only end up losing your own cash but even your own identity.

One of the best ways to make sure that you don't fall into them is to know what they are. Here are some of the classic examples:

1. You are on a phishing site. What is this? This looks like a legitimate website, but the only thing is that it's not real. It is mainly displayed to mislead you into thinking that you're in your usual poker room. You enter all your log-in information without knowing that your username and password are already stored in their database. They are then going to access your real account and steal all your confidential information.

Solution: First, check the URL. If you're going to log in to any poker room, the URL changes to https://. This means that you're in a secured website, and that all data that are being transmitted across the Web are encrypted. There's no way that other genius hackers out there would be able to decode them. Second, see the balances in your account. Are there any changes? Third, verify your credit card information. It could be that someone has stolen your number and has been on a shopping spree.

2. Someone keeps on borrowing money from you. Surely, if you don't know the person you're talking to, you would definitely be apprehensive of letting him borrow some of your funds, but in reality, you actually don't. This is because they don't start out too big. They would perhaps ask for around $5 to $10 with the promise that they are going to double the amount once they pay. Interestingly, they will do so. After a while, they are going to ask for some cash again, but this time is slightly higher than before. The same type of promise is being given to you, and then they still keep it. It can actually go on and on, until they can get the biggest amount so far from you, and this time, there's no more repayments made.

Solution: Don't let anyone borrow money from you, unless he's your buddy and you can always drop by his home to get your dues. Though online poker is just a game, you're still investing something in it, and everything that you've earned is because you have played the games too many times. Let these other players do what they need to do.