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Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games in the world. Thanks to this popularity, most online live dealer casinos, such as Cleebo, offer free versions of the game. With several different versions available, everyone can find one they can learn quickly.

There are many guides that can teach new players the rules and strategies of blackjack. Most casinos offer players a choice between a typical online blackjack table and a live dealer game where interaction is encouraged. Live dealer games generally must be played using real money. These games can be found at both online and mobile casinos.

Those playing the game with real money can often choose whether they want to try a high limit or low limit game. New players are encouraged to stick to the low limit games until they have learned the ins and outs of blackjack. More experienced players and most high rollers choose high limit games.

The types of blackjack most commonly offered online are European, Vegas Downtown, Vegas Strip, Atlantic City, Double Exposure, Spanish 21, Perfect Pair and Lucky Blackjack.

The type of the game that most closely follows classic blackjack rules is the European version. The difference is that a game of European blackjack most often uses six decks of cards, though four decks or eight decks is not unheard of either. In this version of the game any two card hands that add up to 21 trumps three card hands. Anytime a dealer and a player’s hands are tied, that tie is called a push. If the dealer gets blackjack in this version of the game all doubled and original bets are forfeited.

Vegas Downtown blackjack can be played for one hand or can be played for several hands. Two decks of cards are used and players can double after any split or double the first pair of cards they are dealt. This version varies from others because splitting an ace and then hitting a 10 card results in a 21 hand as opposed to a blackjack hand.

Vegas Strip blackjack is very popular among newer players online because it tends to have a lower house edge than other versions of the game. Though there are single and multi-hand versions, the single hand version gives players a better chance of winning.

Atlantic City blackjack is easy for many people to learn because single hand and multi-hand versions of the game use the same rules. This version of the game is referred to as an American Hole Card. Anytime the game dealer gets a blackjack on the first hand, the game ends and another one begins.

Double Exposure and Spanish 21 are more complicated versions of blackjack. These versions are not recommended for beginners. When it comes to Perfect Pair and Lucky blackjack, many new players prefer the Lucky version because it only uses a single deck of cards.

There are many options for playing blackjack online and virtually every quality casino offers several versions of the game.

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Patti Marcos