Know your way around the races

Take a minute to contemplate what the things that you really appreciate on a gambling site are. Whether it’s a free bets no deposit facility or a bonus somewhere along the line, these are the sorts of elements that can really keep you coming back for more of the same the next time around. If you have been involved in this sort of thing for an extended period, or you want to be able to get into it as a beginner, it’s oh so important to know what you are doing and how you are going to navigate your way through the process quite literally and figuratively.

Horse for courses

If you get involved in horse race betting, some sort of knowledge or background in the sport is definitely going to set you on the right track – excuse the pun. You would have seen things like the kingston town record or the Durban July pot and will know full well that these are the big ticket items that people are chasing. If you are after the top prizes, then you should pursue such glory with good bets here and there too. If not, well, then there are always the smaller markets to get into as well.

Sizing up the opposition

It’s not always about picking the winning horse, or at least the one you think will win. It’s also about measuring up and weighing up the pros and cons of the others in the race. Sometimes, via an effective process of elimination, you can find out at least which ones will finish in the top three andwhich ones might not even finish at all. If it’s a six- or eight-horse race, then you would have pretty much knocked out three or four, and be able to have a bigger chance of winning. A ratio of, say, 3-1, while a smaller price, is a sounder pick than, say 5-1 or 9-1.

Phoning a friend

You might be well enough connected to know you’re a saddle from a jockey, but you also might need to call on a colleague or family member or friend who has been down this road before. If you were a casual weekend punter previously, only getting involved in the bigger races, but now want to be somewhat of a frequent better, then you are probably going to need all the help and advice you can get along the way.

Leading by example

In time to come, while you are the example follower now, you might become the example setter for others in the future. They might turn to you for advice on good and bad punts. You will pay forward your knowledge and insight, effectively, helping spread the fun and entertainment around gambling on the horses. When all is said and done, you can enjoy a drink or two with your fellow winners and, indeed, see them next time at the races when you can do it all over again with each other.

Post Author: Clare Louise