It takes years of practice and plays to advance in level when it comes to poker. The game might involve cards, but it’s definitely not something for kids. Playing poker well means knowing how to strategize and having a knack for reading your fellow competitors’ body language. You’ve won local tournaments and feel like you’re ready for the big leagues. The question is how do you find them?

Well, there are actually so many tournaments that finding one won’t be the problem, it’s choosing which to play in. There are certain hotspots that attract the best of the best each year and they only deal with high-stakes games. The matches here are definitely not for the faint of heart. You’ll need nerves of steel to make it through each round.

The Most Prestigious Tournament

The World Series of Poker Main Event is to poker as the World Cup is to football. It’s the grand-daddy of all tournaments so if you’re going to join one why not reach for the very top? It’s such a big event that not only do the pros come, but even amateurs try out their luck. Die-hard poker fans join this tournament to try and win the big prize. While the amount of money you can win changes every year, the 1st prize winner can earn as much as $10 million from the tournament alone. Playing here is like playing with the big dogs so you better come prepared.

When the Ticket Doesn’t Come Cheap

Poker players are gamblers by nature, so you can imagine the gamble they’re making when they join a tournament whose ticket costs $25,000 alone! The high price tag of the World Poker Tour World Championship limits the players to the very best, the very rich, or both. With an entrance fee like that to play, you can only imagine how much the grand prize will be. Here you can expect to play with only the best as amateurs don’t usually attempt to attend this one. I mean if you were a beginner would you pay $25 grand to just lose on the first day?

The Richest of the Rich

In Europe, you can’t go any better than the European Poker Tour (EPT) Grand Final. This is where the continent’s most elite poker players descend upon to play. The price to join may not be as high as the World Poker Tour’s, but at $10,000 it’s still no amount to scoff at. What separated the EPT from the rest of the poker tournaments is how classy and sophisticated the locations are. It was once held in Monte Carlo so you can just imagine how elegant it is to play here.

If you’re far from this level you shouldn’t be discouraged. Everyone starts somewhere and it just takes practice. You can try out websites like agen poker to test out how good you are. It’s an accessible way to start your journey to being a poker master that you can do anytime and anywhere.

Post Author: Julie Scott

Julie Scott