How to Best Play Free Slots and use Casino Bonuses

Love your slot machines? Want to play on some of them for free? Well, you are in luck! Many casinos out there will allow you to do that! You just need to sign up. Let us explain.

Playing Free Slots

All of the ‘big’ casino game designers e.g. Microgaming, NetEnt, Thunderkick etc. will offer demos of their machines. This is fabulous for when you are trying to decide which machine is right for you. However, you can’t win anything on these machines. This saps out quite a lot of fun from the process so it is not something that you will be doing all that often beyond finding out whether the site is brilliant to play on or not.Image result for How to Best Play Free Slots and use Casino Bonuses

Many websites, particularly those which place a firm focus on slot machines, will offer ‘sign-up’ bonuses where you will be able to have a few free spins on some of their most popular slot machines. These free spins have the potential to reward you with cash too!

Why do casinos do this?

In the past, we are talking about the days before broadband really took off, there were very few online casinos out there. All it took was a small amount of marketing on a casinos part and they could be sure that they would have plenty of people heading their direction. When broadband took off, things began to change. Online casinos realised that they needed to do something more to get people to play on them. So, they decided to tap into what casino players love the most. That is money. They decided to offer ‘sign up’ bonuses. These bonuses vary from website to website. Some, for instance, will offer free cash, others will offer free spins on their machines. Many of them will offer both!

Terms and conditions

It is important to note that you are not just going to be handed cash to play about with. There will be a few strict terms and conditions. There are two different types of free spin you will be able to enjoy:

  • No deposit: you do not have to deposit any money into your account. You just get free spins on their machines. This is great if you want to check out a website without any real commitment.
  • Deposit: you get free spins as long as you deposit money into your account first. You tend to get more free spins than with the ‘no deposit’ option, although you will be committed to the website as you will need to deposit cash into your account.

Always make sure that you pay attention to any wagering requirements that the website has in place. You will not be able to withdraw your ‘free money’ when you win. You may need to play through it a few times.

Why not start diving into the plethora of different online casino websites there are? Remember; while bonuses are great and all, they are not the ‘be all and end all’ to what makes a casino fantastic to play on. Do think about bonuses, but you should also think about what else the casino is able to bring to the table.

Post Author: Patti Marcos

Patti Marcos